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Rio Rancho Public Schools Business Information

RRPS is an Agency of the New Mexico State Government. For general business information required by a vendor
to establish RRPS as a customer, including Federal and NM State tax identification numbers, and contact information, please select the links below:
Doing Business with Rio Rancho Public Schools
Selling goods and services to the Rio Rancho School District is very much a "two way street" where the taxpayers of New Mexico are willing to pay for jobs well done. The school district cannot operate without the goods and services of private businesses.
Through your participation in the open competition for sales, we benefit from improved quality at lower prices. We hope that your participation will result in sales in a new market. If you decide to participate in an RFP or ITB, by law, we cannot help you prepare your proposal or bid. We can, however, answer questions to help you better understand what is required.
NOTE: Choosing to not respond to an RFP or ITB does not jeopardize a vendor's standing with Rio Rancho Public Schools. Additionally, a business does not have to be an active vendor in the RRPS data base in order to participate in an RFP or ITB. They do, however, have to become an approved vendor in order to do business with RRPS.

Procurement Guidelines
  • As an entity of the Government of the State of New Mexico, RRPS adheres to the New Mexico State Procurement Code.
  • All purchases for goods and services require a fully authorized Purchase Order (PO) to be in place prior to any goods being purchased or services rendered.
  • As the PO is a binding contract, if there is any change to the original PO description, terms or conditions, the vendor must receive a modified purchase order prior to the change being implemented.
  • If a vendor has any questions, they may contact the RRPS Purchasing Specialist or the RRPS Director of Accounting.
Becoming an approved Vendor with RRPS
New Vendor approval and setup are order-driven. To become an approved vendor with RRPS, your point of contact at RRPS must submit a request to the Purchasing Agent.  The following forms need to be completed for vendor setup: 
(1) * Vendor Information Request
(2) * W-9, WHICH MUST BE SIGNED (not typed) AND DATED.

Submit the completed forms via email, to your point of contact within RRPS. You may carbon copy the RRPS Purchasing Specialist at the contact information below.
Kathy Hayes, Purchasing Specialist
If you have questions, you may phone the Purchasing Specialist at (505) 896-0667 Ext: 51137
Vendor Registration - Vendors without pending orders may submit the vendor registration form to the Purchasing Agent via the e-mail above.  Vendor Registration Forms will be filed in a Vendor Holding File until an RRPS contact requests vendor setup.  When a District Department or School Site has a pending order, the internal RRPS procedure is initiated by the requesting RRPS Department/Site, which will complete the New Vendor Setup process.
* This form is NOT REQUIRED for a vendor with a pending order or vendors in inactive status. Vendors with current orders or inactive status, please refer to the Vendor Information Request and W-9 forms above.

Open Bids and Proposals, Addendums, Appendix, ITB / RFP Awards:
ITB / RFP Number
Description Name
Due Date

ITB 2015-003-FAC ESES Parking Lot Download ITB
ESE Parking Lot Construction Drawings
4-14-2015 3-27-2015  
RFP 2015-003-FAC VGE Elementary Classroom Addition Download RFP
Addendum 1
Addendum 2
Pre-Proposal Sign-In Sheet
Reference Drawings:
(some are large - allow time for download)
Dwg 1     Dwg 2
Dwg 3     Dwg 4
Dwg 5     Dwg 6
Dwg 7     Dwg 8
Dwg 9     Dwg 10
2-24-2015 1-30-2015

Latest update:
2/17/15 (Addendum 2
and Pre-Proposal)
Summary of Offers Received and Finalist Selections
RFP 2015-002-FAC Roofing Services Download RFP

Addendum 1
12-15-2014 10-31-2014 Award
ITB 2015-001-FAC Procurement of Equipment Download ITB 9-22-2014 9-9-2014 Award
RFP 2014-011-ADM Legal Services Download RFP 6-19-2014 6-3-2014 Award


Sole Source/Emergency Procurements

Procurement Type Date Posted Service Type Contractor Name Amount Status View Doc
Sole Source 9/24/14 Energy Managing Consulting Cenergistic $1.5M Canceled Download 


Last Updated: 3/27/15

Mission: Rio Rancho Public Schools is dedicated to graduating each student with an educational foundation for success as a responsible, ethical contributor to society.

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